Oral Appliance Therapy

Oral Appliance Therapy is the main alternative to CPAP therapy. Show Me Sleep offers a variety of oral appliances that fit like a mouth-guard, and re-position a patient’s jaws and tongue to open up their airways. Dr. Barnhart customizes appliances and treatment plans for each of our patients, depending on the severity and type of sleep apnea conditions they experience. To learn about oral appliance therapy call our office at 573-422-3941 and schedule your free consultation today!

There are many different options for dental sleep appliances. It is important that they be FDA approved. Listed below are a few of our favorites, as well as a quick video showing how they work.


This appliance is light-weight and a good option for those with smaller mouths.

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This appliance is a good choice for those who may grind their teeth at night.

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This appliance is also great for those who grind teeth at night and is approved by many insurances including Medicare.

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What our patients are saying

I've stopped snoring and I'm already feeling more rested. Best of all, I don't have to wear my CPAP anymore. My wife is really grateful too since she's getting the rest she needs now as well.

J. Smith